Granite's Lament

2014-06-15 16.01.42-2 I am the stone behind the image

I do not make you who you are, I break you

because I decompose

much like everything you have ever composed

Hard as a rock, but everything crumbles

tumbles and fumbles but visually humble

I do not want your trouble

I came here to warn you

The scratches are permanent

we are all sideways, bent

placate yourself in the crime

before they catch you, scarred

the old man's stories are all but true

you're not mine but we are all a distinct shade of blue

the lament is mine


I was once a distinct flavor of wine

before I was sent back inside

from the earth, to the earth

Ground, shaken and stirred

like a dry purple martini, severed

time passed by in seconds

like in hours, I incubated in thirds

oh, the worlds

that I have seen, what you might never be

but what lies inside

the work of a beautiful mind

within all of us, a wondrous land

the candle burns slowly through the night

the lament is all but mine

Ramblings from The Madhouse Part I

the canvas left bare. yesterday another painting washed away.

I could see the colours flowing.

Oh, the sadness.

Wherever I may belong.

all i know is you're my only living, breathing bacteriophage.

I will make you run.

but i will never let you go.

Oh, the horror.

and all i could think was cherry pie trees.

let's create a sweet rythm tonight.

let the alcohol flow.

let it run down.

deep and wild.

Oh, the mysterious challenge.

like a pebble in a haystack.

burning on the top of a beach.

Oh my lady, you're so dead.

and all i could do was whistle and wave.

Oh, the ignorance

Earth disappeared.

Oh, the spacey disillusionment.

all i could do was wave my fingers around.

there was heavy cheese in my neck.

there's a throat-sore in my head.

and i don't understand.


slowly down the rabbit hole...

I am an explorer of time, space and reality. I like to think everything is relative. choosing a fixed point only makes our world a seem a little more systematic. The real absolute truth is there is nothing in the universe except pure unadulterated chaos. It lives. It breathes. It is the degradation of us all. It is the destroyer and the creator. It is the only absolute. there is no order, only noise. Chaos is my blue muse, my cup of coffee and a slice of cheese if you will. I see it everywhere and it's beautiful. It inspires me and it makes me want to surrender. I live with it. I try to walk through different hallways and jump into rooms I have never scene before. It gets me somewhere but it gets me nowhere. this is my reality. or atleast what I think is reality.

My reality is objective. I find it hard to cope with since it keeps changing every second. sometimes I'm dreaming and I drift off into space, into lala land. and sometimes it feels much more real than the real world itself. this makes it difficult to differentiate between what's truly real and what we think is real. I see things. I imagine. and then I create my own visions. everything is surreal. everything is just chaos.

I am the in-betweener who's always never fit in anywhere, so I shuffle through spaces, dimensions and time. I pass through some. and some I make my home. Some I've always loved. and there are some very dark shady corners I am and have always been afraid of. This blog is going to be my exploration into all the places I go through. all the experiences I have so forth.

Anchors Down.


into the rabbit hole.

"Ordo ab chao"