Ascension VR - Music Supervision (May 2019)
Tinker Quarry - Music (currently in development)
Ásgeirr - Music (currently in development)
Einlanzer - Music (March 2017)
Little Black Spider - Music (December 2016)
Navis - Music (August 2016)
2063 - Music (May 2016)
Quad Vector vs. The Quantum Cats - Music (April 2016)
Obscurity - Sound Design (December 2015)
Smartican (now a social discovery platform) - Music (March 2014)
Candy Catch - Music / Sound Design / Audio Development (January 2013)

Trailers / Ads

GLAMCOM (Joker-Inspired Collection) - Music / Sound Design (May 2017)
Audi A3 - Music (April 2017)
Enchanted Beast - Music (November 2016)
Echoes in Time Title Screen - Music (August 2016)
ELLE Commercial Redesign -  Music (June 2016)
My Moon (music for a trailer) - Music (March 2016)
2063 Trailer - Music (August 2015)
(untitled) Horror Film Trailer - Music / Sound Design (February 2015)
Goonga Pehelwan First Look - Sound Design (May 2013)

They Reach - Music Licensing Consultant (release TBD)
Stakeout - Music Supervision (release TBD)
Don’t Smoke in Bed - Music (release TBD)
Punch Shot - Music (May 2019)
The Butter Story -
Music (August 2018)
- Music (April 2018)
A World of Our Own - Music (March 2018)
Between Dogs and Wolves - Music (2018)
The Hemingway Shot - Music (2018)
Phobia - Music (January 2018)
Hidden Paradise - Music (December 2017)
The Golden Apple - Music (November 2017)
Theodicy - Music (October 2017)
Pawparazzi - Music (July 2017)
ChintamaniMusic (June 2017)
Hindrance - Music (May 2017)
Wolf TrapMusic (March 2017)
Waiting for Paint to Dry - Music (March 2017)
Last Words - Music (March 2017)
Flare - Music (January 2017)
The Woman in The Walls - Music (December 2016)
Impairable - Music (December 2016)
Tonight You Die - Music (October 2016)
Figure A - Sound Mixing (October 2016)
The Last Text - Sound Design (September 2016)
Bacchus - Music (July 2016)
Between Worlds - Music (February 2015)
Fly - Music / Sound Design (January 2014)
JEP2MAN - Music (August 2013)
Afraid of the Dark - Music (April 2012)

SAMPLEs / presets

Mysterium for Native Instruments Kontakt - Demo (September 2017) 
Z3bramatic for u-he Zebra2 - Demo (April 2017)
Varitis for u-he Zebra2 - Demo (January 2017) 
Phobia for u-he Zebra2 - Demo (May 2016) 
Bad Blood for Xfer Records Serum - Demo (April 2016)

Discovery Series: India for Native Instruments Kontakt - Preset Design / QA / Documentation (February 2016)

Ukelele Sample Library for Native Instruments Kontakt - Recording / Production / QA

Mixed Media

Hounds of War - Reimagined & reworked version of a field recording taken at a sacred war memorial in Asiago, Italy (2017)

Maker's Marks - Designed a collective of sounds to complement a glass art installation (2016)

Echo Locus - Ambient sounds for a surround-sound art installation (2016)

Inside the Palau - Music adapted from a script, performed by a 51-piece orchestra at Abbey Road Studios (2016)

Trouble Comes Home - Music adapted from a short poem 'Piggy Bank' written by Juan Carlos Onetti (2015)

Digital Experience - An audio-based experience for a fashion website (2011)

Production / Live

Vision Quest - Collaboration with music producer Nea influenced by psychedelic and trip-hop music (July 2016)

Daze Blue - An experimental trip-hop track produced in collaboration with Nikita Sailesh (August 2014)

Mastered several electronic tracks and remixes produced and created by Hashback Hashish (2012 - 2015)

Synths / Live Electronics as a solo artist & in collaboration with several artists, bands, singer-songwriters and music performers (2012 - present)


Dungeons - Remix of field recordings captured in Turin, Italy as part of 'A Great Symphony' project (2017)

Mysterious Place - A hip-hop rendition of a track from Undertale OST originally composed by Toby Fox (2016)

Sleaze (Circus Freako Remix) - An electronic remix of a track originally by UK-based act The Courtesans (2015)

We Don't Need War, We Need More Satellites - A glitch-infused rework of Daze Blue (2014)

Reimaginations - A collection of remixes and reworks of a number of India-based artists / bands (2013)

Radio / Podcasts

Life in A Kilt Podcast - A variety of music tracks crossing genres created for a radio podcast (September 2016)

State of Gaming Podcast Episode 4: Nintendo NX and Emulation - Outro Music (April 2016)


The Expat's Diaries - Original music score for a radio podcast series (March 2016)

13 year vacation makes a stronger Godflesh - Audio Editing / Post-Production (2014)


WAVAudioPlayer - Created a custom-built audio player utilising C++ that can play WAV files and implemented pitch-shifting capabilities as well as a number of different filters (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, etc.)

PyTexts - Created a number of short programs that convert text and numerical values into different data-types, and a program that converts a short story, poem or any other text form into binary code

CameraMesh - Brought together video processing algorithms, graphic rendering and low-level software libraries for a video synth that adds effects to real-time video. Developed with C, C++ and openFrameworks


Shareable Audio - Used WNYC Radio's audiogram framework to turn audio in my experimental music piece 'Miracle Drug' into shareable video which also consisted of a visualization of the waveform data

VideoSynth - A program created for the purpose of generative visual art creation . Comes pre-rendered with a certain set number of polygons, angles of rotation / twist and a certain number of colours. Customizations added later that makes all these values tweakable via sliders or external controllers.