hans zimmer


It's been about 13 hours and I've been working straight-up on the next track for the film score. It's a song that deals with the somehow-uneasy experience the protagonist has trying to get some sleep. Something I can quite relate to at the moment.

I needed something central and very traditional in-between all the spooky stuff and beats going on. Something orchestral, and a little dark at the same time. I concocted some string arrangements over a piano piece that I recorded at my home. The layers were, to be frank absolutely ridiculous. There were atleast a thousand different string and orchestral sounds I must have gone through before coming across a few right ones.

I proceeded to arrange them after recording the basses, the violas and cellos followed by other orchestral sounds to create an entire bed of ambience going on underneath the entire orchestral arrangement. Even though the order doesn't seem to matter as much since I just use a keyboard through MIDI to record most of the sounds. But still, I wanted to keep it as traditional as possible.


Since I am composing for a movie, there are times when you realise silence has its own space and it is required, at times to provide space to the film sounds and dialogue. There was once again the itching need to have something dissonant across the domain of the entire song. I decided to use an orchestral bass sound constantly bending upwards and back from the root note, a decision I realised later, would do miles in terms of the kind of sound the entire score would have.

There was of course still the giant question mark on the ending, which even though seemed to be fitting I didn't quite like. But sometimes that's what you have to do when you're working on music. Even though there are times you're not satisfied with things, you learn to live with it owing to time constraints among several other things. That's music. That's life.


The music score for the movie 'Inception' by Hans Zimmer is something I always look upto as a benchmark of how grandiose a score should ideally be.