Themes and Schemes

I'm at an interesting new phase of my music-scoring career. As you know, six months can do a lot to a musician's influences, desires and tastes. Looking at the fact that this new movie's entire background seems to be urban and the city, I realised the sound needed to sort of, reflect that.

Hence I've decided to incorporate more of a Brooklyn jazz sound to most of the songs wherever it's possible not to mention the main theme which screamed 'Brooklyn Jazz in the City!' like nothing else. You had the electric guitar. The rhodes. The sax. The fretless bass-swag. Acoustic Guitars. Brass. The epic string quartet screaming right at the beginning. Not to mention the constant tap on one particular note on a keyboard. Pure unadulterated epic-ness.


Then of course Munchies has that jazz vibe too. Oh, and did I mention Munchies also had some crazy turntable-scratching which added so much to the track it's friggin' brilliant? I think I'll also have to go through the other tracks once again just to make sure the Brooklyn jazz vibe is much more present in the rest of the tracks as well.

Time to get some more work done, Adios.