TinkerQuarry Soundtrack Album


I’ve been busy working on a plethora of projects in the past 5-7 months, but the one I’m about to release is one of the closest ones to my heart, as I put in a lot of work and effort into it. It has been quite the experience working on music for this video game.

And what’s cool about it is it goes through several stages of metamorphosis up till the end, which in many ways echoed what has been going on with my own life and career.

Having always been influenced by dark and distorted sounds, this project was a great way to transition from a sound that has up till now mostly been ambient-classical, into straight-up Industrial / electronic music territory

I spent many days also looking scores that were centuries-old on the Internet and making sense of them, for a few songs on this album and I think it added so much more layers to what I was trying to do.


In summary, I hope that you will enjoy this album, and I think that the music will speak for itself once you’re able to hear it. I look forward to hear your thoughts about soon

TinkerQuarry (Original Game Soundtrack) releases on September 13th, 2019 on Spotify, Bandcamp, Steam and all other music stores.