Reimaginations: The Art

A few months ago, while I was still in the middle of recording my solo remix EP 'Reimaginations of a Different Universe', I realised the album needed some strong visuals and art to complement it. I tried getting in touch with a lot of different people who were into creating artwork and visuals for album covers. While some people were ridiculously amazing at what they did, They required much more in terms of money and time than I could have afforded, and since it was a small debut effort and not a full blown album, things were even more difficult to sort out.

I set out to look for somebody who could really create artwork the way I was imagining it in my head. One night while going through random Facebook profiles, I happened across Shrey Kathuria's profile. We had previously collaborated together when he wanted to get his vocal cover recorded, I realised it was a good time to ask for his help and aid.


Next day, I discussed some minor details with Shrey over Facebook and he seemed willing to try working on the artwork over the course of a few weeks. I gave him a few guidelines about the kind of artwork I wanted. It had to be colourful and there needed to be a giant eye smack in the centre. Even though initially, I thought a spider or an animal would have looked better, After talking and having long discussions stretching over a few days, I realised I needed something like a three-headed face.

Another interesting point to note about the artwork for Reimaginations was that the first idea I had regarding the artwork was drastically different than the one we eventually gravitated towards using. I thought a little futuristic theme could have been a little fitting as well, but that idea did not work out well in particular.

Below: Influences


The futuristic idea came into my head from the fact that the entire album had mostly re-workings of earlier songs and giving it a futuristic avatar would be nice, primarily because I heard the 'Reanimation' album by Linkin Park when I was a kid and as much as you move away from your first influences as you grow up and change, I feel that there is always a small part of you that clings to things you liked when you were a kid regardless of how much it is frowned down upon or not taken seriously in the 'grown up' world.

There were plenty of directions and avenues the artwork could have eventually moved towards, but I'm glad it moved towards the direction it did, and for that I'm quite thankful for all the advice and help Shrey Kathuria provided me with. It's always nice when a fellow musician pitches in and helps you work out things you would otherwise have a very hard time figuring out.

Creative people are awesome. end of story.