Making Your Own Way

ife is all about making your own way. Often, things might not work out the way you wanted or expected it to. At times like these, it always helps to adapt and expand, or try new things. There have been lots of times when I don't do any project for months. It's partly because there was no work

The thing about work is, most of the times you don't get work. It doesn't just fall into your lap. You have to go look for it, and try finding it. That's the only way you can continually expand and there is no other way to it.

Something similar happened around December last year. The two months before hadn't been particularly fruitful in terms of work and challenges. I decided to scourge the Internet for some work. I got plenty of leads, there was no dearth of opportunities. But most of them wouldn't get me much. After tirelessly going through postings on the Internet for a few days, I finally arrived at one in an Internet forum. It was about a game studio looking for somebody who could provide music and sound for their games. I quickly jotted down their E-mail.


I sent them a couple of mails and I got a reply that said they were, indeed looking for someone. Even though I showed them a sample of all my work and told them about my previous experience, they sent me a small visual and asked me to make music for it, as a trial.

A few days after sending the trial music, The studio got in touch with me. They liked the music I made and decided they'd give me the opportunity to score music for their next game.

Win scenes.