Clarity in Motion

Clarity is a slippery slope. I like to picture it as a thin sheet of ice, stuck halfway between completely dissolving into cold colorless water and being so solid it comes to the point of cracking.

It really does take a lot more than just willpower and determination to hold on to anything. Be it a thought, an idea inside your head or something that you hold very close to yourself. It stays for a bit, then it disappears.

It was trying to catch these few wisps of ideas and thoughts that I spent most of my last month trying to do. I embarked on a roadtrip to Chandigarh, a picturesque and quiet place in Punjab that has its own charm. 

I was basically cut off from civilization for about a week as my phone didn't seem to work. I like to think it brought a lot of things in perspective for me. I met my grandmother who's over 9 decades old now along with other family relatives. I had jacked up enough songs on my phone and iPod shuffle to make the time seem like a blur. Time flied away.

I also brainstormed on a few ideas that were developing in my head on my way there. And it dawned on me that it was just about the right time to start in motion the release of my new song. I had been stalling releasing it for a while as things kept happening . However, once I got back and things seemed to be going fine. August seemed to be the perfect time. I took the plunge.

Sometimes in life, you have to stop thinking about consequences, opinions, doubts that include all the junk in your head that stops you from making decisions and just go in for the kill.