Battle Blues

As the music scene in Delhi develops and I gain a little more experience everyday, I realize that everyday is a new battle in itself. Sometimes things are smooth and ideas develop and flower into something beautiful, but there are as many days when you try and fail. But what matters is learning from mistakes and moving on to the next idea with the same dazzle in your eyes.

I attended a guitar workshop yesterday by Pranav Pahwa, one of the respected guitarists in the Delhi music scene who plays for a band called Jester, a band that fuses a lot of different elements from jazz and alternative rock among several other things. Even though the workshop was primarily for guitarists, its sometimes wonderful how you can find inspiration at the most unusual of places.

The concept of modes and their relation to scales in the musical sense seemed to be a point of discussion and I have decided to look through modes more carefully and try and grasp a little more over the period of the next few months. There was also a lot of talk and discussion about the blues, and not so surprisingly not many people in the audience even knew for certain what the 12-bar blues were. I've tried grasping and dabbling with that idea before, but to limited success.

At the same time, I found myself experimenting a lot more with synths than before at Ebonix jams, even before and after it. I've managed to add all kinds of tweaks and modulations to the patches I made for some of the songs initially. I find myself constantly changing up things. Sometimes I've been met with resistance and 'what the hell was that, bro?!' comments. But all in zest and goodwill, I hope.

I have always been a more experimental person in terms of sounds I like in music I make, while some idiosyncrasies have been accepted in the past as long as it suited the song, I don't know if that would continue. It shall be revealed, all in time.


An interesting anecdote from the jam did not fail to amuse and make me wonder about the nature of music -  there was a certain musical pattern that Vaibhav (pictured above) was trying to play while at the jam trying to connect two of our songs. And we arrived at a weird place. An almost jazz-like segue in between songs. But that was not the weird part. The weird part was when he changed up the scale a little bit. This combination of notes, almost sounding like a chord seemed to elude almost every scale we tried to play. It was kind of, crazy.

Going one step further we asked Pranav while we were at the workshop to try and improvise over that particular pattern, and it seemed to almost elude him as well. Music, I tell you never ceases to amaze and make you wonder.

Crazy? Yes. Kind of.