In Splinters

Now that I was done burning it all up through the movie climax, I decided having a little reflection and sobering the score up would probably be a good idea. Ever since the first day I started working on the music score for this movie, I was told there needed to be a track in the end which perpetuates loss.


One of the examples I was given for the ending music. It was full of vocal laments and melodies


I was given a few examples, and I really took to them. Heard them a few times before finally figuring out which direction the last track would go in. It was very hard getting the end right as I used a lot of vocal samples, and there's always the problem of making them sit and be comfortable inside a mix is that much harder, not to mention the ever-persistent scale problems.

I finally finished another movie score, after two weeks of intensive working and prying out the sonic innards of every single track I made, and constantly going back-and-forth through them. Even though there are still a few loose ends to tie, like the one track where the protagonist and his love interest drive through a deserted road, and things get all intense and wishy-washy. Still have to sort that out.

But then, again work on music is always never-ending. It's like golf. You can always get better and there's always scope for improvement.

Signing off.