Wrapping it Up

I've almost reached the end of my music score for the entire movie, and it has been quite an interesting journey. Even though, I had set my mind on having a total of 14 tracks in the final arrangement, I decided to add a couple more in the end as I felt like the movie could use some extra filler music.

There was also the question of the ending credits and what music that would consist of. Even though I was sort of lazy and unwilling to work on some more music for now as it has been a long month, I still somehow mustered up the energy to create a reprise of the opening song as an ending. I wouldn't really call it much of a reprise as it drifted pretty far off from what the first track was supposed to be.

The song had turned into quite a mess before I completely scrapped it off and started working on it again from scratch. I decided to combine a few trip-hop beats with a sense of doom and an eerie feeling provided some absolutely crazy FX. Somehow, I feel like it always helps to keep an open ending to movies as they leave so much for things to be interpreted in so many different ways.

Finally, I was done with entire score about two hours ago. Went through all the tracks twice, and now it's time to chill.

Until next time, folks.