Horror! Hell Yeah!

Being a huge horror movie buff all my life, it was only natural I'd end up working on music for a horror movie sooner or later. Movies and music are probably the only two things I really actually care about, so I thought it would be a good idea to get myself some work.

I got in touch with an old school friend who is into filming and producing movies. Turns out he had a project he was working on. Can't really reveal too much here, but the movie had an interesting perspective, or a new and unique approach to the psychological thriller/horror genre.

We exchanged a few details that included the outline of the story, the mood and general ambience of the film and I decided I would get down to laying out a few outlines for some of the scenes in the movie.

Having never worked on music for a film before, it seems to be quite a challenge. I might get a rough script in a few days so really looking forward to that. In the meanwhile, I've started sketching out some rough ideas for some sounds on my notebook. Seems legit.